By means of StudyBox units, Learning Factory makes digital courseware accessible to users offline and off-the-grid. 

StudyBox units are solar-powered learning management systems which accommodate 20 simultaneous client connections. Through the use of StudyBox units, entire schools can rapidly be provisioned with digital courseware.

StudyBox setup is quick and simple, making the solution ideal for on-the-go training.

StudyBox units have good computing power and large storage capacities. These features enable StudyBox users to load numerous courses on a StudyBox and simultaneously connect many users.

StudyBox units do not require mains electricity and internet connectivity for normal operation. For this reason, digital courseware can be provisioned in any location.

Use cases

When loaded with Learning Factory’s digital courseware, StudyBox units can be used to fill the gap where textbooks and school infrastructure is not available.

Trainers and development practitioners can use StudyBox units for training in communities which do not have access to electricity and internet.


Users access digital content which is loaded into StudyBox units by means of wi-fi enabled devices.

Content on StudyBox units is accessed using internet browsers or mobile applications. No special software or setup is required on client devices to connect to StudyBox units.