Learning Factory caters to the instructional design and digital educational content development and provision needs of schools and businesses. We offer an array of off-the-shelf and bespoke services.

Online courses

Learning Factory runs online courses at www.study.co.zw.

Our courses are ideal for self-paced study and for use to complement instructor-led study programs.

View our full list of courses here.

Courseware licencing

Learning Factory licences digital courseware to organisations with SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems.

This service is ideal for schools, businesses and organisations which would like to offer our courses on their own platforms.

Digital courseware development

At Learning Factory we develop digital courseware for third parties.

We work with our clients to develop digital courseware from concept to complete products, and we convert existing instructional material into digital courseware.

Learn more here.

Training facilitation

Our team of trainers and teachers facilitate one-on-one and group tutorials and trainings.

We run regular sessions which are open to the public, and we facilitate inhouse training for clients.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Factory works with organisations to setup and manage their Learning Management Systems.

We provide technical expertise for the setup and management of Moodle and Canvas systems. We provide training to system administrators and users to enable them to make optimum use of their systems.

Offline, off-grid provisioning

Learning Factory leases and sells StudyBox kits for the offline, off-grid provisioning of digital courseware.

StudyBox kits are ideal for several use cases including blended in-person training and providing educational content to rural schools.