Our team of teachers and trainers have years of experience facilitating in-person and online training. 

We run in-person and online tutorials and training programs throughout the year.

We cater to the specific training and development needs of our clientele by designing, developing and facilitating training programs upon request.

We provide personalised training and tuition to individual clients.

This service is ideal for individuals who would like to receive training in a private, secure setting.

Our team of teachers and trainers subscribe to a professional code of conduct which ensures that the privacy of learners and the subject matter which they are studying is maintained.

Regular programs

Learning Factory runs regular training programs in Excel, PowerPoint, Presentation Skills, Financial Literacy, Emotional Intelligence, Digital Photography, Digital Literacy, and eLearning.

These programs are available as inhouse training upon request.

Upcoming programs

Learning Factory is soon to launch training programs for children and adults in Coding, Robotics, and Drone building and racing.